The curriculum in our schools is based on NCERT guidelines. Our focus is to promote skill based learning rather than rote learning. The HLC curriculum is Learner-centered, promotes activity-based approach & allows for bilingual learning. Our aim is to inspire higher order & multidisciplinary learning to ensure that children get a joyful holistic experience.

Curriculum: The National Education Policy 2020 replaces the previously followed 10+2 schooling with 5+3+3+4 Schooling system. The Hippocampus curriculum starts 3 years before Grade 1, and we are glad to see that NEP has now recommended the same. Hippocampus Schools and curriculum has been following NEP guidelines before they were introduced and in our schools this transition is effortless & effective. 


Foundational stage- 5 years
(Kindergarten -Grade 2)

90% of a child’s brain development happens before the age of 6! With this in mind, we have developed an Early Years Curriculum, that is activity-based and celebrates a child’s in-born capability to “learn by doing”.
We draw our inspiration from the work of revolutionary educators like Piaget, Froebel, Maria Montessori, Mahatma Gandhi and J. Krishnamurti, and are committed to child-centric education principles. Our program is proven to create a strong foundation at the preschool level and encourages self-learning from a young age.

Our ABCD of learning

Activity-Based: Enabling learning through joyful and hands-on experiences
Belonging: Creating an environment where a child feels heard and respected
Curiosity: Encouraging children to ask questions as they are naturally inclined to
Differential Learning: Supporting different learning levels and paces


Preparatory Stage: 3 Years
(Grade 3-5) 

Hippocampus Schools follow an NCERT-based curriculum that is the standard across reputed institutions. To make classrooms engaging, and facilitate quick learning we have developed child-centric lesson plans. Our Lesson Plans are developed by experts in the field of education and they incorporate the latest methodologies.
At Hippocampus Schools, we value our teacher’s time, we believe that a teacher’s time should be dedicated towards the student's learning outcome.

Every single unit comes with:
Pre-designed activity sheets
Project sheets
All our lesson plans are focussed on differential learning outcomes and encourages the all-round development of the child. Efforts have also been taken to address the requirements of remedial and advanced students. A detailed assessment is done for each child, and personalized reports are shared with parents on a periodic basis. 


Middle Stage - 3 Years
(Grade 6-8)

To ensure continuity & enable each student to leverage their core strength all our Lesson Plans are designed keeping Activity based learning and constructivist classrooms in mind.

The curriculum is student centric, enabling students to explore, enquire, collaborate, handle materials and work in groups. Based on the National Education policy 2020, Hippocampus Schools adopts experiential learning, and the focus is on skill based vocational courses, arts & sports integrated education, as well as story-telling based pedagogy.   


Secondary Stage- 4 Years
(Grade 9-12)

An important aspect of secondary education is exposure to innovative solutions for effective and experiential learning. 

The Vision of Hippocampus STE(A)M labs is to introduce the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in a practical way to students.
STE(A)M Labs at Hippocampus Schools will be equipped with experiment kits and spaces to design/build/test the experiments. Students will be guided & supervised through the year, with assessments put in place to evaluate the impact of these sessions.
A science fair to showcase the learning of the students to parents and stakeholders will be organized at the end of the year
As our children move to higher classes, concepts in Core Subjects become more complex and demanding. These subjects require a teacher who can easily translate theoretical content to practical applications making the subject interesting for the children and easy to comprehend. Recognising the need for this additional support, Hippocampus Schools engages with Expert Teachers and engages children with very interesting digital content. With technology and willing partners, Hippocampus brings the best teachers of the country together and provides live classroom teaching to our children during the years that they need this the most, in the subjects that are extremely crucial to the children for their higher studies and professions.

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