At Hippocampus Learning Centre, we believe that when we show a child how to learn, we’re setting them on the path to becoming a self-learner! We aspire to motivate the child to continue learning beyond the classroom.

Hippocampus Schools' classrooms are designed to spark a child’s imagination and curiosity


Learn English

At every stage of our growth, our focus has been on empowering children with English language so they can speak, read, and write confidently. In this pursuit, Hippocampus Learning Centres has introduced several initiatives.

• GROW By Reading Libraries is aimed at helping children become lifelong readers. Currently, we have set up 64 libraries in Karnataka, 1 in Tamil Nadu and is in the process of setting up 95 more libraries.

• D.E.A.R Time  is a time regularly set aside in the classroom schedule for both students and their teachers to "Drop Everything And Read." It supplements the regular reading program by encouraging independent reading.

• Comprehend English using the Listening-Speaking- Reading
 - Listening: through pre-recorded books, stories and poems.
 -  Speaking: through specially designed conversational English activities.
- Reading: through level appropriate books and dictionary activities.


Personalised Learning

We believe in going that extra mile to make the student feel confident & supported. Our synergetic partnerships with multiple organizations endeavor to make the students’ requirements come first.

From remedial support to identifying & encouraging advanced learners, our vision recognizes every learner & strives to inspire them.  


7C Schools

Our framework
The purpose of a school is to ensure children learn. But is memorization the same as learning?

We support our children in building skills that make them world-ready. And we do so by instilling a simple principle in our day-to-day lives in class – learning is understanding and knowing how to apply the knowledge we gain.

To do this we apply our 7C framework to education: 


Digital Schools

Hippocampus Schools adopt an integrated approach of 70-30, wherein
30% of the learning would occur digitally & through self-learning.
Hippocampus schools are equipped with desktops, tabs & remote connectivity. 

Email: ihs@hippocampus.in
Phone: +91-9740963632 / 6360654387

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