Special Academic Programs


Ninja Programs

The Ninja platform was built to connect the best teachers from across the world with motivated self-learners everywhere! The Ninja platform is our effort to bridge this gap, at highly affordable fees.

All our programs are graded and allow each child to advance from one level to another. The child starts as a Beginner, moves on to become an Apprentice, a Junior and then an Expert.

Reading Programs

Every person in the school, be it students, the teacher, the staff or even the support staff uses this time to read. Students are given books based on their reading level. This activity takes place everyday & is an integral part of the HLC culture.

The students are encouraged to discuss & dialogue the stories they have read. They are allowed to express their understanding of the stories in multiple ways. They can write an abstract, draw a character, create a story map etc.

Students are introduced to the world of phonology based learning through this program. Here the children learn the correct pronunciation & sounds associated with every letter of the English Alphabet.

Learners move up from ESP program to the ES program. While in ESP the focus is on learning sounds of the letters, ES program focuses on decoding a word or phrase. The students learn the correct methodology to read with clarity & fluency.

Guiding children in reading books at their skill levels in a self-paced program. This program is extremely popular with children from low income families and is available in 4 Indian languages and English.

Equipping school librarians to create dynamic library spaces and effectively engage with students.


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